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Think and Pulse - Meet MOOD magazine.

Think of a website where everyone can find lifestyle, entertainment, culture, playlists and tips all in one place. Much more than a depository of ideas in the MOOD everyone can find out what happens in their universe. Geared for young and curious souls, the site is a space that allows the creation, launches transcends trends and patterns of traditional vehicles, from developing more complex studies to contemporary routine ramblings of human daily lives.

In the MOOD

Created by Rio Advertiser, André Barbosa, with stints ADVB / RS AG2 Publicis Modem, MOOD Magazine was born in the early 2000s, through a draft final college course. Designed to be a print magazine for free distribution of nocturnal habits, plus articles on nocturnal behavior of the public, the project changed direction when the budget is not closed. The solution was to bring together friends of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre and rely on fixed or sporadic collaboration of leading professionals of the communication.

The MOOD today

After a few dormant years, MOOD returned in June 2013 with a renewed graphic names and new editorial project. Today, in addition to André Barbosa which follows leading the project, the social media Luciana Bachilli has joined the group. All fully connected to the web universe and its fluid network of information, lending credibility to the content. The participation of volunteers follows a characteristic of MOOD, which is always open to new ideas and discussions enjoys receiving texts lot of those who live in this universe of information dissemination.

According to André Barbosa, the creator of the project, the main goal of the site as a means of communication is becoming, increasingly, a reference in thirsty for new generations. "Developing this project is a challenge and an old dream. Money is always an obstacle and the search for investors is a goal to achieve amplify the visibility and draw attention among so many cool projects that are rolling around. But what stimulates is that it is immensely aggregator, people usually delight and engage. "

With fluid texts, the result of combining content information, opinion and reflection with editorial credibility, MOOD symbolizes the kind of person that consumes: a lifestyle, expressions, achievements, memories, hopes, dreams and consciousness. This expands the possibilities of adding brands that are focused on this market: dynamic and attuned to the new cultural trends and all they bring to society.

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