Pulmonary & Sleep Associates Of Hunterdon County Is Making A Difference

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The New Jersey-based Clinic has been treating patients with pulmonary & sleeping disorders since 2011 with an impressive track record.

Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Hunterdon County is providing a wide range of pulmonary and sleep care services to a wide range of clients in New Jersey. Founded in 2011, the company takes pride in offering pulmonary, sleep care and home sleep studies along with CPAP Machines as well as CPAP Supplies to its clients. Moreover, the company has qualified and board certified specialists in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Medicine.

“Since 2011, our practice has been in existence and we have recruited physicians and staff who are all board certified in the specialties they practice and have maintained the highest degree of academic quality and integrity possible.” Said the spokesperson of Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Hunterdon County, while talking about the services. “We particularly specialize in the treatment of lung disorders, respiratory diseases and sleep disorders.” He added. According to the spokesperson, the company has received phenomenal feedback from its clients over the years.

In addition, the Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Hunterdon County covers a wide range of services that include, initial consultations, follow up visits, chest x-rays, pulmonary function testing, routine spirometry, diffusion capacity measurements, lung volume measurements and polysomnography or sleep studies. Moreover, each of these actions and procedures are performed directly under the supervision of certified physicians. As a result, an overwhelming majority of patients has benefitted from these services and more are taking appointments each day.

The three main areas of focus for the medical center are pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine and sleep medicine. A lot of people with breathing difficulties, sleep disorders and other respiratory issues often find it hard to find a good clinic for their treatment. However, the services of the center are reflected with the testimonials of its patients in the past, who have been successfully diagnosed and properly treated for their conditions. The certified pulmonologists at the clinic specialize in diseases of the lungs and respiratory system and commonly evaluate patients with persistent coughing, difficulty breathing, abnormal chest x-rays and chest pain.

Similarly, critical care medicine are also very essential to treat patients with respiratory failure, shock, and overwhelming infections. Moreover, sleep medicine are equally important for the patients having issues such as disturbances of sleep and daytime sleepiness disorders may include obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, insomnia, REM behavior disorders and parasomnias or more commonly known as sleep walking.

The clinic particularly takes pride in the trust and faith of its former patients, who have been treated successfully of their conditions in the past couple of years. The testimonials and feedback shared by those patients have brought many new ones in the Tri-State Area to this clinic for the treatment of their complex issues. From diagnosis to treatment, the expert physicians focus individually on each patient, in order to make sure that the patient is getting the right amount of individual attention. Furthermore, booking an appointment with these experts is also very easy and can be done with only one phone call.

For more information and to book an appointment, please call Pulmonary & Sleep Associates at:

+1 908 237 1560


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