Public Health Specialist Issues Warning To Those Heading To The Polls November 3

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A public health specialist is issuing a warning to voters heading for the polls November 3. She advises against voting during high traffic times and to alert polling officials if others in line are not wearing masks.

A public health specialist who has worked alongside the CDC and NIH for decades is warning voters heading to the polls on November 3 to follow safety guidelines to avoid contracting COVID-19 and other transmittable viruses.

“When you vote on November 3, you will have done something that no American has done for more than 50 year…voted during a deadly pandemic,” says Carol Winner, MPH MSE, who runs the social distancing company, give space, in addition to her public health work. “First, before you even head to the polls, find out if the virus is spreading in your local area and if it is, consider mail-in voting.”

She also says that those who fall into a high risk group (e.g., elderly, have a co-morbidity like diabetes or heart disease, etc), should also opt for mail-in voting and get your absentee ballot through VOTE.ORG ASAP. Fill it out as soon as you receive it and mail it in or, better yet, deliver it in person to your local voters registrar office right away.

For those opting for in-person voting, she suggests:

· Avoid voting at peak times when many people are trying to cast their ballots.

· If social distancing is not being practiced, speak with a head election official at the polling site about your safety expectations.

· Wear your mask even if your state has not mandated it as a requirement.

· Bring your own pencil/pen to prevent contamination left by the person before you.

· Wear social distancing symbols or clothing to remind those in line to maintain their distance.

· Bring your own hand sanitizer.

· Sanitize your phone after your trip to the polling both.

· Expect wait times at the polls so bring plenty of snacks and water, a folding chair, wear weather appropriate clothing and take an umbrella or sunscreen, if necessary. Waiting times are unpredictable and you might have to wait outside.

· Be kind and patient.

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