PUA Dirty Tactics Exposed: LoveAngry.com Infographic Reveals All

Pick up artists best tips backfire as LoveAngry.com infographic exposes the truth behind the tactics pick up artists use to impress women.

Dublin, Ireland – May 20th, 2014
LoveAngry.com gives pick up artists a hefty dose of reality with its infographic “highlighting” the tricks pick up artists use to impress women, and why those tricks are doomed to fail.

The mockumentary-style infographic includes “top secret” pick up artist dating tips such as:

“Learn Hypnosis… it's Not Creepy (Really, it Isn't)”


“Never Ever EVER Listing to what Girls Say About What they Like”

“By listing out the absurdity of these tips, LoveAngry.com hopes to put pick up artists on notice and let them know that their so-called tactics have been busted,” the owner of the site said. “Love Angry has no intentions of letting up – the truth needs to be known. Men who are looking for real relationships with women have been taken advantage of for too long.”

LoveAngry.com believes that there is a lack of objective, practical advice on having real relationships with real women, and works to close that gap. In the coming weeks and months, the site will provide useful dating tips and advice for men from all walks of life.

Instead of focusing on impractical ways of tricking women into a relationship, Love Angry's sole focus is to provide reasonable advice that works to help men find someone special. While taking a humorous look at the competition is entertaining, the owner of the site believes it also serves an educational purpose as well:

“The more people who can spot and call out these behaviours, the better. They need to stop, and the fastest way to make that happen is if people mock the ridiculousness for what it is. Once pick up artists know they aren't cool and can't trick women into liking them, everyone will be better off.”

Love Angry invites everyone – men and women alike – to weigh in on their latest infographic and share the truth with others.

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