Psychic Awakening And Development Training Services Online Launched

A renowned psychic and spiritual teacher has launched a series of classes for individuals who want to awaken, develop, or further elevate their psychic abilities.

A psychic teacher and author has launched a series of training classes for individuals who want to awaken and explore their psychic gifts.

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Spiritual teacher and healer Joe Gacoscos created these classes to cater to students in various levels of psychic abilities. A psychic class is available for novices, those with awakened gifts, and those who are more advanced and seeking new tools to elevate their psychic awareness.

For novices, Mr. Gacoscos offers an ebook titled Journey of the Awakened Psychic, which talks about the 10 steps needed to awaken one’s psychic gifts. The book was written for people who feel they have psychic gifts and want to fully embrace their abilities.

Journey of the Awakened Psychic has won Soul & Spirit’s Spiritual Book Awards as the Best Psychic Book for 2019.

Psychics who are already exploring their gifts and want to hone them further may sign up for Mr. Gacoscos’s five-day challenge. This program teaches students how to safely open their third eye while learning how to overcome fears of being attacked by foreign energies.

In addition, the program teaches Mr. Gacoscos’s way of controlling one’s natural abilities to read energy without feeling drained while doing so. This program can be completed in five days and is free of charge.

Lastly, Mr. Gacoscos has released a membership program for psychics who want to take their gifts further. Each week, he will release a new lesson that can improve one’s ability, such as learning how to read one’s past life, how to read chakras, or how to contact spirit guides.

According to Mr. Gacoscos, some individuals have experienced “weird things”, such as messages from the “other side” or premonitions that eventually come true. People who experience these may have spiritual gifts, and by learning how to tap into their psychic senses, they can figure out what these events mean.

“People who experience supernatural incidences are often afraid of exploring further because they don’t want others to think they’re weird,” Mr. Gacoscos said. “They are not crazy; they have gifts, and these classes can help awaken them, so these individuals may find the answers they seek.”

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