Psychiatric Mental Telehealth – ADHD/Bipolar Online Zoom Therapy Services Launch

Offering a more convenient and accessible option for holistic mental health care, the WellPsyche Medical Group has strengthened its full suite of telehealth services. Now, patients can easily consult with their preferred psychiatrist online via Zoom.

WellPsyche Medical Group believes everyone should have the opportunity to take care of their mental health in convenient, easy-to-access formats. That is why it recently updated its platform so that everyone can find the mental health professional that they want, when they need them.

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The updated process is simple. Simply enroll on the online portal, select a preferred psychiatric provider, and choose a desired date and time. Once payment is confirmed and verified, the patient will receive a dedicated Zoom link. To ensure the safety of both parties, all payments are made through a secure third-party service provider.

Emerging data show that more people are turning to telehealth services for their mental health needs. Experts observe that the current health crisis has negatively impacted the mental health of many people, with an increase in depression and anxiety being reported worldwide.

A solution can be found in telehealth psychiatric services. At WellPsych, patients are assured that their needs are handled with compassion and professionalism. The group believes that mental health should be accessible for all and ensures that all professionals on its site have been fully vetted. All cases are completely kept confidential.

Sessions currently take place in a highly secured Zoom meeting, with access only given to the provider and patient. This assures patients of complete confidentiality and privacy. Prescriptions are then sent electronically, as needed, after the session.

Aside from being more convenient, telehealth services also comply with the latest health guidelines to practice social distancing. Psychiatric telemedicine packages also imply that patients can choose a doctor from any state.

WellPsyche Medical Group specializes in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry. They offer an innovative experience to mental health, providing world-class service using cutting-edge technologies to improve the patient journey. This is part of their core value of providing a WOW customer experience.

WellPsyche Medical Group accepts most major insurances. Currently, WellPsyche providers offer services in medication management, psychotherapy, and wellness.

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