Prudden Sisters Develop Innovative Publishing Concept For Books-By-Experts Genre

Itty Bitty Publishing has defied convention in the books-by-experts market with the release of the Your Amazing Itty Bitty Books Series, which allows experts to become authors with a step-by-step system. Further information can be found at

Itty Bitty Publishing is pleased to announce the release of its 50th “Your Amazing Itty Bitty book” – short, easy-to-read books by experts that are packed with information to grow their business. The first Itty Bitty book was published in February 2015 shortly after the announcement that 95% of Americans don’t read books. Why would the Pruddens open a publishing company after learning Americans aren’t reading?

“They will buy books for information,” Suzy Prudden said as they grappled with the idea, “Why won’t they read them?”

“Because they’re boring,” Joan replied. “I don’t want to have to wade through their stories to get to their information.”

At the time Suzy Prudden was coaching experts in business and knew that her clients needed books to establish their credibility. Using that awareness and a format they had developed for an Itty Bitty Weight Loss book, they decided to see if their concept would sell. In only three days, Suzy had sold four books and the company was launched.

“In this last year I have made over $100,000 using my book as a marketing tool,” Notes Anthony Camacho, Sales Trainer and best-selling author of Your Amazing Itty Bitty Little Black Book of Sales.

In order to make their books easier to read, the Prudden sisters limit them to fifteen chapters. Each chapter is broken down into numbered and bullet point paragraphs. They are easy-to-read and easy-to-follow for people who don’t have time to sort through long paragraphs, case histories and biographical illustrations.

“We don’t use Highlights,” says Suzy Prudden. “We are the highlights.”

Your Amazing Itty Bitty books specializes in books by experts. They give experts the opportunity to position themselves as authorities in their fields. Recently they have introduced certification classes for their authors in order to increase their incomes and expand exposure.

“I made $97,000 in one day selling certification courses to people who want to spread the knowledge of the benefits of medical marijuana,” says Kat Bohnsack, author of “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Marijuana Manual.”

This isn’t the first time the Prudden sisters have defied convention either. Suzy Prudden is a pioneer in the Fitness Industry, as well. As the author of 11 (long) books, she is a New York Times and Amazon Best Selling Author and has been featured on such programs as Oprah, Good Morning America and the Today Show. She is a also hypnotherapist who owned and operated her own weight loss centers in Los Angeles and also a business strategist and coach.

Joan Prudden Meijer has been Suzy’s writing partner for 25 years and has written 20 plus (long) books and 75 short stories in her own right. She is an Amazon Best Selling author as well. A New York City Paramedic and a nationally registered EMT, she pioneered in developing FAST Squads for rural towns too small to staff ambulances and too far away from help to wait for First Aid to be administered. Under the pen name John Russell she writes Medical Thrillers.

“Your Amazing Itty Bitty” books are available online, in paperback and in digital format. All titles are available on Amazon, Createspace, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook Press, Kobo, I-tunes, Smashwords, Bibleothek and dozens of smaller platforms worldwide.

For further information about Itty Bitty Publishing and how to write a book, visit the website or contact Suzy Prudden at 310-640-8885.

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