PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration Treatment in Sarasota FL Announced

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A new form of hair loss and hair thinning treatment therapy has been announced by Revitalife Vitality Center of Sarasota. Patients experiencing hair loss can get PRP platelet rich plasma hair restoration from Dr Grubbs, who is known for excellent results.

Revitalife Vitality Center of Sarasota has announced it can provide local patients around Florida with PRP platelet rich plasma hair restoration treatment. This hair restoration and hair regrowth treatment can help patients to get their confidence back by combating the signs of male pattern baldness and hair loss.

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Dr Grubbs at Revitalife Vitality Center has the training and experience to perform hair restoration therapy at the highest level. In addition to this, he has invested in the latest and best technology, allowing local patients to get the best service.

The team explain that humans throughout history have had, and continue to have, a deep and personal relationship with their hair. Hair can be a symbol of identity, while also contributing to self esteem and being a means of self expression.

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Hair plays a large part in the confidence of a person both at home and in the workplace. When people feel that they look their best, they perform better professionally, athletically, and academically.

In this way, losing hair can have a big knock to someone’s confidence. This in turn can cause them to have issues in other areas of their life.

While hair loss and hair thinning can affect both men and women, it’s men who experience a greater frequency of hair thinning and hair loss. What’s more, male pattern baldness can begin as early as the teenage years.

Now there is a new option for treatment of hair loss for those living around Sarasota through the use of PRP therapy. This is a non surgical hair restoration treatment, which uses the patient’s own blood to create a concentrated fluid that is rich in growth factors.

Revitalife Vitality Center states: “PRP therapy for hair restoration is nonsurgical, safe, relatively quick, and produces very natural results. It consists of a series of four to six treatments done approximately every two weeks.”

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