Provo UT Dual Diagnosis Residential Inpatient Drug Rehab Services Expanded

Provo, UT addiction recovery center Mountain Peak Recovery has expanded its dual diagnosis residential inpatient drug rehab services to patients from across the State. The center offers residential mental health therapy and substance abuse recovery treatments in Spanish Fork, UT.

Mountain Peak Recovery, a leading Provo, UT addiction recovery center announced the expansion of its dual diagnosis residential inpatient drug rehab services. The center provides dual mental health and substance abuse recovery support to patients across Utah County.

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The Utah Valley drug rehab center now admits patients requiring dual diagnosis drug rehabilitation and care. The dual diagnosis rehabilitation center in Spanish Fork, UT focuses on enabling recovery from mental illnesses alongside addiction treatment in a caring and supportive environment.

Mountain Peak Recovery specializes in treating interconnected addiction and mental health disorders through a proven inpatient rehabilitation program. Patients recover at the center’s 200-acre residential facility in the Wasatch Mountains receive continued outpatient follow-up support in Provo.

Research published in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry estimates that the rate of co-occurrence of substance abuse and psychiatric disorders is significantly high. Other studies indicate that 47 percent of people with schizophrenia also suffered from substance abuse.

Experienced and compassionate medical and mental health professionals at the Utah Valley addiction treatment center monitor patients through all hours of the day and coordinate therapy sessions. Mountain Peak Recovery offers on-site medical care, recreational therapy, gym access, and visitation. Patients also have access to yoga, group activities, hikes, and life skill development programs.

Dual diagnosis patients are supported through an individualized de-addiction regimen that includes 12-step programs, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, prescription drug care, and codependency treatment. Mountain Peak Recovery offers treatments based on psycho-social processes that build on natural pathways to recovery and use counseling, interventions, physical health, and secondary support approaches.

According to a spokesperson for the drug abuse recovery center in Utah County, “The difficult part about treating dual diagnosis is that the two conditions may be feeding each other. A patient may be turning to drugs because they are having trouble dealing with their mental health disorder, or they may have a mental illness because of their years of drug addiction. As a dual diagnosis inpatient addiction rehab in Utah, we offer personalized treatments that focus on long-term healing and lasting recovery.”

Mountain Peak Recovery is a full-service alcohol and drug recovery center in Provo, UT with a residential rehab center in Spanish Fork, UT, about 30 minutes’ drive southeast of the city. For more location information, visit and

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