Provely Mark Thompson Social Media Proof Conversion Boost Software Launched

Digital marketer and software developer Mark Thompson announced the launch of Provely, a marketing tool designed to help online marketers and business owners increase their sales through instant social proof notifications.

Professional digital marketer Mark Thompson launched Provely, a software allowing users to generate unlimited digital widgets displaying real-life customer actions. The software automatically collects social media data based on a client’s e-mail address and creates instant notifications encouraging visitors to take a specific action, thus leading to improved conversion rates and higher overall transaction values.

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Online marketing has seen tremendous developments in recent years, as more and more consumers use the internet to find information on businesses and services. Surveys show that the majority of consumers prefer online to offline shopping, with digital-only services becoming increasingly popular.

To help marketers, business owners and digital entrepreneurs improve their conversion rates, Mark Thompson launched Provely, an innovative social media-based widget.

The concept behind Provely is simple: online visitors will be more encouraged to buy a product or subscribe to a service if they see that the demand is high and that other visitors are also interested in those specific products or services (a concept also known as “The Fear of Missing Out”, first identified by marketing strategist Dr. Dan Herman).

Through an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, Provely users can build a conversion boosting campaign in a variety of languages, depending on the target population.

The software generates a code that can be embedded into any type of digital domain, from official business websites to e-commerce stores and various others, displaying a custom notification every time a customer has purchased from the respective website.

The widget can be completely personalized according to the specific needs of each user, from custom color schemes to animations, display frequency and various other details.

All notifications are created based on real customer actions, the widget automatically identifying the shoppers based on their e-mail address.

Additionally, users who are just starting their online business can use the software’s simulation feature to generate simulated purchases to encourage initial customer contact.

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