Protein-Rich Rice Substitute All-Natural Nutrition Boosting Superfood Launched

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2Tre Organics announced that its White Quinoa is now available for delivery worldwide. The superfood retailer provides the product as a nutrient-rich pasta and rice substitute.

Los Angeles-based superfood retailer 2Tre Organics has expanded the availability of its White Quinoa products. The all-natural rice alternative can now be delivered to customers the world over. 2Tre Organics adds the product to its worldwide range of nutrient-rich organic foods, powders, and spices.

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The newly available product is now available for both local and international customers, providing a gluten-free substitute for rice, pasta, and couscous.

Quinoa hails from the Andes Mountains in South America, and was traditionally consumed by the indigenous Inca population. It is known within local cultures as “the mother of food”, and as such, retains a reputation as an ultra-nutritious superfood. 2Tre Organics brings the product to its customers to help foster healthy lifestyles throughout the world.

2Tre Organics recommends the plant-based product as an ideal complement to a healthy diet. Rich in protein, fiber, iron, and vitamins, White Quinoa can be added to a wide variety of recipes for increased nutritional benefits.

Vegetarian customers as well as those intolerant to gluten or wheat will find the product suitable for meals throughout the day as part of salads, stews, stir-fry, chili, and meat-free burgers.

According to 2Tre Organics, its White Quinoa is especially suited for baking. It can be used in recipes for cookies, bread, and muffins. Further, it is recommended as a breakfast food when served with fruit, cinnamon, or honey.

“I was looking for an alternative to rice that was a bit healthier,” said one satisfied customer. “This has tons of protein and iron. I’ve used it with chicken, beef and pork, and it tastes amazing. I prefer this texture over rice. When you eat it, there is a little bit of pop to it, instead of the mushy one-tone texture of rice.”

With the latest announcement, 2Tre Organics continues to provide its customers with high-quality natural superfoods and organic products. It expands the availability of White Quinoa as it strives to encourage nutritional diets, improving health and wellness the world over.

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