Protection against HMRC reclassifying self-employed workers as PAYE employees

Construction Review, has published a review of CIS protection service providers, a service designed to help remove the risk of CIS workers being reclassified as PAYE employees by the HMRC.

Construction Review, a London-based construction industry product and services review published its latest review, a market comparison of the risk-free construction contractor CIS Payroll and HMRC compliance services industry. Construction Review’s cause, some may call it a crusade, is to help construction businesses save money and secure the best services by offering an independent comparison of the services and products, in this review their focus is on the services offered by the market leaders in fast growing CIS Payroll protection services.

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The London based review website helps businesses compare CIS payroll subcontracting services from top providers across the UK, enabling contracting firms and their self employed workers to choose the firm that best meets their organisational needs. These professional CIS payroll protection services help businesses employ Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) workers with no risk while remaining compliant with stringent HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) requirements.

Construction Review website helps building contractors save money, reduce the cost of employing workers, and avoid the risk of workers being viewed as working under false self-employment.

This review by Construction companies that offer guaranteed services and transparent per-worker pricing. Hiring a reliable CIS protection agency in the UK prevents the legal risk and trouble of facing a protracted HMRC status enquiry. Businesses are legally protected from making Class 2 and Class 4 NIC payments and eliminate the risk of errors by outsourcing the responsibility of employment status justification.

The team at Construction Review offers unbiased reviews of its curated list of trustworthy CIS service providers who offer a watertight guarantee against penalties and fines by the HMRC while ensuring active worker cost management. The review features industry leaders Hudson Contract, Aggregate Partners, EEBS, and The Guild.

According to a spokesperson for Construction Review, “We are delighted to offer our unbiased review of CIS payroll industry leaders. Finding the right CIS protection firm can help construction firms cut payroll costs, achieve CIS worker cost savings, and remain HMRC compliant. So we wanted to take a deep dive into what these firms offer our industry and find out why they continue to grow in importance to building and contracting firms. Construction Review website brings independent, unbiased reviews of construction products and services that can make a positive difference to construction businesses.”

Construction Review is a multidisciplinary, independent team of industry buying experts headquartered in London. The company helps building and construction firms find the top products and services including CIS payroll, CIS tax deductions, and other CIS umbrella services.

For more information about how to cut payroll costs while remaining HMRC compliant, visit the Construction Review website URL above.

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