Property Tax Appeal Course Reveals Side Hustle & Real Estate Consultant Tactics

Discover How To KNOCK OFF 20% From Property Taxes For Homeowners or Businesses = Make A BOATLOAD of Contingency Commissions!

Property Tax Appeal Course now supplies a free online report on property tax appeal consulting adjustments in response to the 40% + nationwide assessment error rate!

Small business owners and residential homeowners looking for details on how to win a property tax appeal for themselves or to provide this service to others now have an up-to-date resource. The full description of the course can be accessed directly on the Property Tax Consult website:

Property Tax Appeal Consulting Course has added updated information to their popular training course dedicated to reveal the latest resources, property tax appeal examples and factual studies for percentage dollar adjustments for budget-minded homeowners, businesses and entrepreneurs looking to help their own over-assessment or for a profitable side business.

The new updated course includes a series of professionally researched studies revealing adjustment percentage suggestions, comparable references for valuation justification and Excel worksheet examples detailing adjustments and comparable market value conclusions.

George Evers had this to say about the latest version of Property Tax Appeal Consulting Course:

“For too long, property tax appeals has been seen as something only from the profession real estate appraisers and lawyer wheelhouse. Property Tax Appeal Consulting Course takes that inside information and puts it on a level that is affordable for the vast majority of residential homeowners, business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs so they can implement it today. It’s an incredibly powerful property tax appeal system that only takes a small investment to get started.”

Property Tax Appeal Consulting Course addresses the multi-trillion dollar property tax over-assessment problem. This help is currently available via online access through our Property Tax Consult website.

The course, pre-written forms, marketing plan are included in the price of the course. Interested property owners and those seeking a side business are encouraged to sign up for immediate access to the latest version of this 20+ yearly revised course. For more information about us, please visit:

The real estate assessment industry needs over-sight. If one does not appeal over-the-top real estate taxes, those over-assessments continue.

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