Property Portfolio Builder Owner-Occupied & 2ND Home Investment Program Launched

Florida-based Capital Funding Financial, a realty and investment organization, have launched a Portfolio program that is easy-to-understand, affordable and flexible. Plus, it enables start-up or seasoned investors to build a sounder future.

Capital Funding Financial, a property investment and realty group, based in Coral Springs, Florida, have launched a new residential investment program for those seeking to build a property portfolio as an owner-occupier, second home buyer or as an investor. This innovative program, aptly named the Portfolio Program, caters to new, intermediate or seasoned investors and is suitable for SFRS, townhomes, condos and between two to four units.

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The Portfolio Program offered by Capital Funding Financial is available for property purchased in Florida. As such, this program enables investors to buy properties by lending up to 90% of the dwelling’s value, without incurring MI. Of course, a minimum and maximum borrowing amount apply.

To be eligible for the Portfolio program, borrowers must meet specified criteria and have a FICO of 620 and above. With no previous investment experience needed, Capital Funding Financial offer seller concessions of up to 6% and up to 2% for investment.

Consequently, the newly introduced Portfolio Program strives to help investors start or build on an existing property set and to diversify their holdings. By offering all investors with easy-to-understand and affordable options, Capital Funding Financial aim to help all Americans from any walk-of-life to build a secure future.

With security and stability their primary objective, Capital Funding Financial have aided hundreds of Americans to buy real estate since they began. While co-founders David Dinatale, ESQ., and Andrew Weissman who have profound real estate and investment experience find this personally rewarding, they also strive to strengthen their local and national economy by helping others to make informed investment decisions.

When describing the new Portfolio Program, a Capital Funding Financial spokesperson said, “This program is one of our best. It has many flexible options, with up to 100%, investor concentration allowed. Thus, those serious about building a future can sink their teeth into creating growth.”

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