Property Drug Use Identification Guide – Real Estate Investment Book Updated

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Adrian Louis Harris has announced an update to his real estate investments guide book ‘Iced Dream Houses’ to help investors learn how they can identify if a property has signs of past drug use.

With the latest update, Adrian Louis Harris has ensured the book offers up-to-date content regarding property inspections during the current pandemic when getting access to a house is often restricted.

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The updated book is available in most countries and can be found in both physical and eBook versions to allow real estate investors access to the book’s content in a way that suits their personal preferences.

During the current pandemic, getting professional and detailed property inspections is becoming more difficult due to restrictions and limited access. Furthermore, checking the signs of drug use within a property prior to making a purchase can be vital for ensuring profitable and hassle-free investments. Adrian Louis Harris’ updated book is helping investors learn the skills for conducting their own inspections.

Included within the book is a range of topics covering the specific residue signs of drugs such as marijuana and crystal meth that can be identified within a property following their use by past tenants. Readers are also able to learn how this past use can impact a house, such as its detrimental effects on a home’s air quality.

‘Iced Dream Houses’ also explains the cost implications of past drug use within properties to help real estate investors consider the financial choices when looking to make a purchase. This section analyzes the cost factors for initially detecting drugs and weighs the advantages of decontamination versus demolition for contaminated properties.

Adrian Louis Harris’ book can also help landlords learn what they should look out for in-between tenancies to ensure the health and safety of their next tenants. This information is equally crucial for maintaining the long-term value of a property by allowing landlords to immediately address any issues that occur.

Iced Dream Houses is currently available on Amazon in Australia, the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan in all formats. US readers can preview the book’s contents page to discover its key topics here

As quoted in the Iced Dream Houses’ foreword, “The book illustrates the impacts of drug use and calls for property buyers to be vigilant in their scrutiny prior to purchasing.”

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