Property Corner Announces The Best Real Estate Agents in Kumeu West Auckland

Property Corner has defied convention in the Real Estate market with the release of its new Real Estate Listings service. Further information can be found at

Having been in development since 2018, Property Corner have finally announced the launch of its new Real Estate Agent Finder service in Kumeu West Auckland. The main aim of this service is to help property sellers find the best real estate agents in West Auckland. It is a free, no obligation service that compares real estate agents in West Auckland, providing customer reviews and detailed quotes along the way.

Vijay Mehta, Owner at Property Corner, says: “We wanted to try something new with this Real Estate Agent Finder service in West Auckland. Anyone familiar with the Auckland Real Estate market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to be using the same intelligent online research tools, whereas we search, vet, and rank real estate agents to make the selection process run as smoothly as possible. Taking your property type into consideration, we use in-depth sales analysis and customer feedback to determine an agent’s suitability and experience. This helps connect sellers and buyers to the most suitable real estate agents for them.”

As part of this new service, Property Corner has listed the top rated real estate agents across West Auckland. The agents have been hand selected from Henderson and Te-atatu, providing house sellers with easy access to the best real estate agents in the area.

Vijay Mehta also said “We want to offer our customers more choice and confidence when it comes to choosing a real estate agent. With our new Real Estate Agent Finder service in West Auckland, we want our customers to feel relaxed and well-informed when using our service.”

Property Corner was established in 2018 and aims to provide a free and useful service to both sellers and buyers. The new Real Estate Agent Finder service in West Auckland has just launched. To find out more about the service and Property Corner itself, visit

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