Promoyze Andrew Darius 2019 Custom Animated Video Creation Software Launched

Andrew Darius and Muncheye announced the launch of Promoyze, a custom animated video creation software on the 3rd of October, 2019. Priced between $24 and $27, the desktop video creation software features in-depth scene-by-scene editing capabilities and a library of more than 100 templates.

Launch partner Andrew Darius and Muncheye announced the upcoming launch of Promoyze, an end-to-end custom animated video creation software. The launch is scheduled for the 11 AM Eastern time on the 3rd of October, 2019.

More information about Promoyze is available at

The full-featured video creation software features click & swipe video templates that allow users to create immersive and engaging custom marketing & advertising video content. Promoyze integrates intros, outros, and other video elements to create a full promotional video through a single render.

Promoyze is programmed for users with no prior video creation skills. Users can add stock or custom images and video, edit text, add voice-over audio, and change the position of visual elements. The front-end release version includes 100 full video templates with DFY voice-overs.

The desktop video creation software features a simple canvas user interface with layer editing tools for each scene. All video templates are fully customizable and allow brands, businesses, and marketers to create engaging sales videos, teasers, reviews, video ads, and promo videos on the fly.

Promoyze requires no special technical skills but gives users scene-by-scene control over all graphic, audio, and text elements. The software’s powerful render engine delivers high-quality and conversion-friendly videos for use on landing pages, websites, social media, and other platforms.

According to a spokesperson for Promoyze, “We are excited to launch Promoyze as a complete video creation solution for businesses and marketers who need an unlimited number of videos created in minutes. Promoyze features user-friendly video templates and the customization capabilities of professional-grade video software.”

Promoyze is expected to launch at a front-end price range of $24 to $27. Add-ons include Amazon Polly speech-to-text compatibility and access to a massive asset library.

For more information about the upcoming Promoyze launch visit or the URL above.

Release ID: 88925305