Promescent® Launches Pre & Post Sex Wipes, Making Clean-up a Breeze

A company specializing in top-tier intimacy-enhancing products has launched a wipe designed for pre and post-sex cleanup. They come packed small enough to be carried easily in a pocket or purse.

Promescent, a company dedicated to enhancing intimacy, has launched a new line of cleansing wipes. The Before and After Wipes are pH balanced, alcohol-free, and contain Aloe Vera that leaves one with a smooth moisturized feeling after use. The Before and After wipes are 100% biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet for easy disposal.

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Promescent has launched these wipes to help couples clean up after a long day at work or night out before intimacy. These wipes can be used for pre-sex freshening up or post-sex clean-up.

The Before and After wipes come conveniently packaged, meant to be placed on or in a nightstand for quick access. These wipes can help individuals by wiping away and eliminating odors and scents that have accumulated. Couples are reporting that using the wipes on each other gives them an even better experience and encourages more frequent intimacy.

The wipes are individually packaged so that they can be taken on the go. They are handy for anyone who is on vacation, at a bar or a party. Promescent Before and After wipes are small enough that a few can be kept on you at all times; either in a wallet or in a back pocket. Men and women are reporting that they are a must-have item in the present environment where one must be sanitary in all circumstances.

Promescent’s launch of the Before and After Wipes adds to their already extensive line of sexual wellness products.

A company spokesperson said, “We designed these wipes to help couples freshen up before intimacy and make the sometimes inconvenient clean up that everyone deals with a bit easier. Gone are the days of running to the bathroom to grab the last clean shower towel to ‘tidy’ up after intimacy.”

The launch of the Before and After Wipes by Promescent adds a new dimension to intimacy and allows couples to clean easily using these handy biodegradable wipes.

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