Promates HD Music Store Releases Carl Nielsen’s Symphony No 5 and 6 in Stunning DXD Format

Promates HD is the only place where music lovers can find many albums in the highest Digital eXtreme Definition format, including the New York Philharmonic’s latest Carl Nielsen symphonies.

For music to be easily downloaded and shared it has been a priority for people to make it as portable as possible, and with memory on archaic delivery systems being at a premium, compression became the standard. This is why many people criticise MP3 as a poor medium for delivering high definition sound. Many other formats exist, but in the music world, DXD remains peerless. Getting hold of the original DXD format recordings was once all but impossible for the mass market, but now Promates HD Music Store offers this ability on many exclusive pieces, the last of which being the New York Philharmonic’s recordings of the Carl Nielsen symphonies five and six.

Some of the most popular recordings on the site were symphonies number one through four, and so the New York Philharmonic resolved to record the next in the series. Currently, Promates HD Music Store is the only place in the world to source the original DXD HD Music recordings.

Many may still not understand the significance of DXD, but in a world of rapidly expanding memory and high quality home sound equipment becoming more affordable, the true quality of recordings is now increasingly important for music lovers.

A spokesperson for Promates HD Music Store explained, “The New York Philharmonic’s work on Carl Nielsen’s postmodern symphonies has been outstanding, and the richness of detail they are capable of achieving with a full orchestra can only truly be appreciated in the DXD format. With the first four symphonies proving so successful, both they and we are hoping for big success with this last in the series, as Nielsen’s work gets even more bold, inventive and more difficult to pigeonhole.”

About Promates HD Music Store: Promates HD Music Store is offering music downloads in the same format in which it was originally recorded. They offer many albums in DXD, and these unique recordings can only be purchased in DXD from Promates. As an alternative it is also possible to purchase many of the albums in a lower sample rate, as not everybody needs the highest possible definition.

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