Progressive Marathon Training Gradual Schedule 16 Week Plan Launched

Dave Bird, an experienced marathon runner and long-distance jogger, launched a multi-format online marathon coaching service called Marathon Time Breakthrough. The program is designed to help both beginners and advanced runners improve their marathon times, eliminate monotony from their routines and improve their overall performance.

Dave Bird, a Bristol marathon runner, has announced a new marathon training program called Marathon Time Breakthrough. The program aims to help both experienced and beginning runners improve their marathon time, add diversity to their routines, and improve their overall effectiveness.

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Marathon running is one of the oldest sports in the world, with many people practicing it both for the health benefits it brings and the mental satisfaction of having overcome one’s physical and psychological limitations.

Recent years have seen an increase in amateur interest for marathon running, mainly as a result of the continuous popularity of jogging, hiking and other similar forms of exercise. Consequently, more and more people are looking for effective training resources to complete their first marathon or improve their current running time.

Dave Bird is a marathon runner with an extensive performance record in various types of long-distance running, including marathons, half-marathons, 10k and other types of races. He has recently launched a multi-format training program designed to help marathon runners of all levels improve their running practice and achieve superior overall times in a variety of running disciplines.

Marathon Time Breakthrough is a multi-format marathon training program that can be accessed by anyone looking for professional marathon training. The Marathon Mastery Online Training, the online version of the program, is a self-paced training course centered on five coaching modules, a schedule planner, and a recovery video series. Individual modules can also be purchased separately.

Another option is the Marathon Makeover Workshop, an online workshop in which Dave Bird analyses the runner’s technique and provides actionable solutions to improve various aspects related to form, speed, effectiveness and many others.

Finally, Dave Bird also offers individual and group coaching sessions.

Interested parties can find more information on Marathon Time Breakthrough by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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