Programmer/Coding Talent Interview Platform Alternatives Expert Report Released

FM Servers has released a comprehensive report on programmer interview platform alternatives to HackerRank. The report is for companies looking to improve their hiring process and increase their chances of finding skilled IT developers.

FM Servers, a platform for dedicated servers, web hosting, and Direct Connect hubs, has released a report on several market-leading hiring platforms that could replace HackerRank. The report aims to help employers looking to hire experienced developers, and developers looking for a way to showcase their skills.

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Through the recent report, FM Servers focuses on listing the pros and cons of high-quality programming interview platforms. With unbiased authentic information regarding HackerRank and its alternatives, the report provides recruiters and engineers with an in-depth comparison to the platforms’ key features, supported programming languages, performance, and coding challenges.

Despite being a popular programming interview platform, some recruiters indicate that HackerRank would benefit from robust anti-cheating systems, more accurate coding examples, and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, some developers find it hard to stand out among other HackerRank users, given the size of its community.

FM Servers’ report lists the exclusive features that HackerRank provides, showcasing the key benefits of the platform and what to look for in alternative platforms. It also suggests some platforms that help scale the knowledge of developers through a variety of lessons, games, and challenges. Suggested platforms include LeetCode,, Codility, and CoderPad.

The report also features platforms that support front-end frameworks, algorithms, database coding interviews, comparative score technology, and SaaS-based programming. Furthermore, it provides a list of pre-built coding tests, customised tests, and live interviews.

With the recent report, FM Servers continues to support its tech users with the latest market updates, contributing to their development and supporting them in finding the best alternatives to mainstream platforms.

A spokesperson at FM Servers said: “With rapid technological development, the demand for developers in the IT sector is also skyrocketing. However, the challenge comes in evaluating the best talent for uninterrupted company growth. We hope our report can help employers and programmers find a platform that meets their needs and goals.”

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