Profit-Ready Affiliate Marketing Webinar: 2022 Business Setup Training Launched

Master Wealthy has announced a new training webinar that teaches participants the essential steps to launching a profitable affiliate marketing business in 30 days.

The Master Wealthy free advanced masterclass covers a range of topics relating to creating and running a successful online affiliate marketing enterprise.

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With the launch of this free training webinar, individuals can access step-by-step training modules that comprehensively explain how an affiliate marketing business can be created within 30 days. Students will be guided by Vick Strizheus, a serial internet entrepreneur and digital consultant who has a proven track record of success.

In recent years, affiliate marketing has been transformed from a niche business into a multi-billion dollar industry. Industry estimates indicate that the total affiliate marketing spends in the United States alone will amount to more than $8 billion in 2022. The power of this advertising medium has been recognized by businesses throughout the country, with 8!% of advertisers and 84% of publishers using affiliate marketing in some way. Google search trends also indicate that the wider population has a keen interest in exploring the affiliate marketing industry.

Master Wealthy has removed the financial barrier that is typically associated with accessing valuable educational resources related to affiliate marketing. The online webinar has been designed so that the information can be understood by complete beginners who have no prior exposure to affiliate marketing or online entrepreneurship.

The course centers around Vick Strizheus’ high-yield system that has proven to be so effective over the past decade. Students will learn about product selection criteria and the top products and best offers that people want to buy now. In addition, people enrolled in the course will learn about the marketing system that has been employed by Vick Strizheus to great effect. Finally, students will be taught how to attract high volumes of traffic to an online website without spending large quantities of money.

Master Wealthy strongly believes in the power of education in creating the next generation of American entrepreneurs.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The webinars have proven to be hugely successful over the years, creating some extremely wealthy and happy online entrepreneurs.”

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