Professional wedding photographer Folscher Photography launched in Jeffreys Bay

Professional Wedding Photographer Folsher Photography recently launched in Jeffreys Bay Eastern Cape. For more info visit:

Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape is known worldwide for the best waves for surfing competitions. It is also known for it’s long, white, sandy beaches. As a result it is a favourite “wedding venue”. According to Tiaan Folscher (owner and photographer of Folscher Photography) people from all over South Africa – even from all over the world – is constantly looking for an experienced wedding photographer to capture the magic moments of their wedding at Jeffreys Bay. To fulfil this need, he recently launched a professional wedding photography service “Folscher Photography” in Jeffreys Bay.

Asked why he specializes in wedding photography, Tiaan answers: ” Wedding photography is a lot of things, but most of all, it is about capturing the story of a wedding day and the special moments in it. After the ceremony is over…. the food is eaten…. and life returns to normal…. you want to be certain that you can recall these moments…. see it… feel it… relive it! Again and again. And when I am working as a wedding photographer I make sure that I capture these moments as vivid and candid as possible.

Tiaan has come a long way with photography. His journey started at a fairly young age playing around with his dad’s old Chinon CX 35mm film camera. Seeing a printed photo of what he remembered seeing through the viewfinder, fueled his passion for photography.

After school he decided to get a degree in photography. His goal was becoming an automotive photojournalist, having an abnormal fascination with anything of the automotive sort. However, while studying he realized that he has a much greater interest in photographing people rather than Porsches. That’s when he shifted his focus to documentary photography, being inspired by the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Raghu Rai and James Nachtwey whose work he encountered while studying.

After his studies Tiaan traveled for 2 years, experiencing ‘the gift of diversity’ in a multitude of different cultures, languages and nations. Along the way taking pictures to preserve the memories and impressions. Eventually these experiences gave rise to his love for documenting events where couples, families and friends make memories that they would like to cherish long after the happening itself.

And this is the gift that he likes to give people: the gift of having memories that they can go back to, remembering the special moments in their lives. And he creates this gift using both his training and experience.

If you ask him about his style, he just smiles and says: “ I like to work as a sort of background kind of photographer. And somewhere between photo journalism and capturing candid moments, I find the magic moments that capture the soul and spirit of a wedding.”

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