Professional Music resources and Monetization For Songwriters Services Launched!

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UK based music producers, The Song Cabin, have launched updates to their professional music offerings online, which now include new songwriter resources to improve artists’ commercial viability.

The Song Cabin, an international collective of songwriters and music producers based in the UK, have launched updates to their professional music services. The newly updated range includes song ghostwriting for musical individuals who require anonymous amendments or newly written material for their lyrics.

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The Song Cabin provides solutions for musicians and singers who require professional assistance with their compositions in order to make them commercially viable.

Ghostwriting is a common process in the music industry and has been for many years. In most cases, it involves the use of a composer or lyricist who will anonymously write new material or make changes to existing material in order to improve the composition. In most cases, the composer keeps the copyright for the piece.

Professional ghostwriters for lyrics and music from The Song Cabin work with the artist to tweak and improve upon already existing compositions, or to create new works for a singer or musician who shows promising talent but has no original work to put forward.

Using ghostwriting services can be a straightforward way to quickly find commercial recognition, by bringing the quality of a song or piece of music up to release-ready quality. This improvement can lead to further confidence when pitching songs, and even lead to songs or compositions being used commercially in television, film or other media. The Song Cabin’s ghostwriting offering is in addition to their music production and song critiquing services.

In addition, if the professionals at The Song Cabin believe that a composition or song could be of commercially viable standards with further amendments, the company also offers the opportunity for musicians to place the work into an actively marketed music catalogue.

This latest service launch is in line with the company’s commitment to showcasing musical talent at its best and providing musicians and artists with the opportunities to find commercial success.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our combined knowledge and expertise can help with your product, and help you develop the skills to take you closer to achieving your ambition of getting your work recognised and making money from your music.”

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