Professional Dog Shedding Brush from DakPets Starts 2020 with Excellent Reviews

DakPets’ top rated pet deshedding brush has started the New Year with excellent user reviews. An Amazon’s Choice, this product already has over 20 thousand reviews and ratings on Amazon. The years’ earliest users have strongly recommended this pet care product for cats and dogs.

DakPets’ popular deshedding brush for cats and dogs has started the year 2020 on a bright note. The product has already received numerous great reviews in the New Year from many pet parents. This pet grooming brush is currently one of the top-rated products in its category in Amazon, with more than twenty thousand reviews and ratings. Suitable for cats and dogs with short, medium and long hair, the product can reduce shedding by up to 95%.

Keeping a pet’s coat in good condition is not just about aesthetic appearance. It also has a positive effect on his/her general well-being. In fact, the condition of the coat is often an indicator of a pet’s state of health. Regular brushing is essential because it maintains the balance of the skin’s ecosystem. Regular brushing is also important if someone in the house is allergic to cat or dog hair. By accustoming pets to regular brushing when they are young, grooming can turn out to be a fun activity for both the animal and the owner.

“Shedding is a major issue that can be remedied with regular grooming. While all shedding cannot be completely avoided, daily brushing and weekly baths with a conditioning shampoo will help cut back on the need to vacuum the carpet. A drop in shedding will be noticed when you regularly use a pet brush, since the brush stimulates oil producing glands in the animal’s skin that help keep it healthy and hanging onto hair,” said a spokesperson from DakPets.

The deshedder brush from DakPets has been developed by pet grooming experts specializing in animal care. The product features a non-irritation 4 inch (100mm) heavy duty replaceable stainless-steel pet comb. To protect the lifespan of the blades, blade covers have also been provided. Another key feature of the brush is its ergonomic rubber handle that offers a non-slip grip. Available in 3 colors blue, yellow and pink, these brushes are currently up for sale in Amazon for $14.97 only.

“Our cats love being brushed with this deshedding brush and they feel so soft after being brushed with it. Most importantly, it has decreased their shedding an amazing amount. I no longer have a handful of fur after petting them and they aren’t leaving fur all over our clothes when they rub-up against us. So glad we bought this and have already recommended it to friends with cats,” a recent user mentioned in her Amazon review.

Another delighted user mentions, “This brush does a great job of reducing the hair shed from our Golden Retriever. There has been a remarkable reduction in the amount of hair in the house. It really works and our dog enjoys being brushed. Easy to remove the hair from the brush too.”

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About DakPets: DakPets is a world-renowned pet care brand with an impressive range of products. The company’s name is synonymous with high quality, exceptional value in pet supplies. All their products are made and developed by professional pet care experts that specialize in different breeds of dogs, cats, and even horse grooming tools and general pet care.


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