Professional Dog Shedding Brush from DakPets Sale Launch in Amazon

Professional Dog Shedding Brush, a top rated pet care product from DakPets, now available in Amazon for 30% discounted pricing. All Amazon buyers can now make use of this limited-period offer.

DakPets is pleased to announce that its popular Professional Dog Shedding Brush is now available for a 30% discounted price in Amazon. A top-rated Amazon product, this deshedding tool is capable of reducing pet hair shed by up to 95%. DakPets informs that all Amazon shoppers will be able to make use of the discount promotion with no coupon required and this special offer will remain valid until further notification by the company.

Dogs tend to lose old or damaged hair naturally by shedding. Although shedding is a normal process for dogs, the amount and frequency of hair that is shed often depends upon their health and breed type. It can also depend on the season – many dogs develop thick coats in the winter that are then shed in the spring.

Excess shedding can often be difficult to manage as pet hair clings to furniture and upholstery. The best way handle this problem is to brush a pet’s hair using the right kind of brush. Depending on the type of coat, many different types of brushes can be used. Also, adding healthy fat to a dog’s diet through supplementation or whole food may help reduce shedding. It is also a good idea to increase the frequency of baths during the hot summer months. This will help rinse the dead hair off the pet’s body, significantly reducing the number of hairs floating around the house.

The deshedder brush from DakPets has been designed by pet grooming experts specializing in animal care. The materials used to manufacture the product include a non-irritation-4 inch heavy duty replaceable stainless steel pet comb plus a safe blade cover that protects the blades life span. Available in blue, hot pink, and yellow, these pet brushes also feature a non-slip rubber handle. The pet deshedding tool from DakPets has already received a whopping eleven thousand plus reviews on Amazon. These reviews speak volumes about the quality of the product.

“Our 10 year old Border Collie mix loves being brushed with this deshedding brush. She came from Western Washington to live in Florida, so to say she is shedding is an understatement. This Pet Grooming Brush has kept the shedding well under control and off the floors and furniture since we brush her daily with it while she sheds her winter coat. What a great tool and fantastic buy,” a delighted user said in his Amazon review.

Announcing the launch of the 30% discount promotion, senior representative Rob Scrivens from DakPets said, “We are pleased to announce that our Deshedding Brush for Dogs and Cats is now available for a 30% discounted price in Amazon. You can now take home this top – rated product for an unbelievable price with no coupon required. Visit our Amazon storefront before stocks run out.”

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