Professional Callus Remover Foot File Target Dry Cracked Feet Launched on Amazon

It has been announced that the Pediperl Callus Remover Foot File is now available on Amazon. The pedicure tool can be used to file away rough, dry skin to reveal silky smooth feet.

The Pediperl Callus Remover Foot File has been launched on Amazon. The professional grade pedicure tool is designed to give customers smooth, soft feet. 

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The Pediperl Pedicure Callus Remover Foot File is a professional grade tool that offers users the choice of smoothing out dry cracked heels in time for the winter season. This new spa style pedicure tool is now in stock and available on Amazon. 

Today’s busy lifestyles are one of the causes of dry, cracked and calloused feet. Many people are susceptible to them for many reasons, including spending a long time everyday on their feet, ill fitting foot wear, winter weather and spending a long time playing sports. Foot care is important and taking care of feet through regular treatments not only removes hard skin, that could lead to painful fissures, but it also makes them look pleasant too. 

The Pediperl is a heavy duty stainless steel foot file with diamond shaped etching that gently but effectively removes dry skin and stubborn callouses from the feet. There is no harsh pumice stone, blades or grinders needed to reveal the smooth skin underneath. 

The foot file features and ergonomically designed handle with an extra long grip that allows sufficient space for the foot file to be maneuvered. The double sided file can also be used wet or dry with no pre-soaking of the feet needed for desired results. 

The creators suggest using the file daily or a few times a week to achieve and maintain soft, callous free feet. They also recommend that exfoliation should be followed by rinsing and drying the feet before applying a favorite moisturizer or foot balm to lock in moisture. The Pediperl is also easily cleansed by running under warm water after each use. 

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above. 

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