Proenc’s Anti-Ligature TV Enclosures Sell Over Half A Million Enclosures.

Proenc’s Anti-Ligature TV Enclosures Sell Over Half A Million Enclosures in 4 years, discover Proenc's secrets now and learn how you can use them for your business.

Since 2017 Proenc’s Anti-Ligature TV enclosures have been sold to correctional and behavioral health facilities in every State of the USA as well as in Canada and Australia. At the end of August 2021, they had hit a milestone of supplying half a million protective anti-ligature TV enclosures.

Dale Edwards, Proenc’s Technical Director put Proenc’s success down to the high build quality of their anti-ligature TV enclosures, another benefit was having the enclosures in stock so Proenc can respond to customers needs immediately, having them delivered anywhere in America within 5 working days.

Dale stated, “that not one size anti-ligature TV enclosure was more popular than any other, the sales seem to be across the board covering the NL26, NL36, NL46 and NL55 ranges. Then when we added the recessed TV enclosures demand for them rose sharply too.” Dale did tell us that one of Proenc’s main successes was with working closely with architects and specifiers, getting Proenc’s products added to projects, so no other variant could be used. Another additional benefit is the 3 year warranty on Proenc’s products, when the competitors only offer 1 year.

Proenc have some very aggressive plans for the future, which included adding other ligature resistant products to their portfolio, as well as opening a European distribution centre out of France. Keep an eye on their website for updated notices, special offers and new products, that are all patented and backed by Proenc’s quality guarantee and their 3-year product warranty.

More products are in the pipeline such as anti-ligature clocks and ligature resistant tack boards and will be added in the near future to Proenc’s portfolio to increase their brand identity and open doors in other industries.

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