Production Music Library Announces Release of New Royalty Free Trailer Music

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Sonic Imagery Royalty Free Trailer Music, announces the release of their new royalty free trailer music library created with a theatrical trailer format.

Sonic Imagery, a company of The Kalliergo Group, announces the release of its new Royalty Free Trailer Music library,, which features production music tracks produced in the popular theatrical trailer music format that are designed to enhance any audio or video production with cinematic music that engages and impacts the viewer.

Stephen Bashaw, president of Sonic Imagery which is the parent company of Royalty Free Trailer Music, explains that the difference between the new library and other production music libraries is that Royalty Free Trailer Music is modeled after Hollywood-style film trailers that are typically comprised of multiple “Acts” such as:

1. The Intro: A short, often quiet, foreshadowing of the mood of the music track

2. Act 1: Main theme introduction

3. Act 2: Expansion of the main theme, building in intensity or excitement

4. Act 3: The main theme further expanded with a climactic ending

5. The Outro: A brief recap of the mood of the music track

The benefits of such a music track format are that, in addition to providing multiple dynamic levels to the soundtrack, this format also allows for a range of editing options in the creation of the soundtrack.

The Royalty Free Trailer Music library tracks also include:

1. State of the art music technology and compositions that reflect current trends.

2. Distinct, natural-sounding “edit” points that allow the music editor to easily customize the soundtrack of any audio or video production.

3. Editing/remixing options according to the producer’s specifications.

To browse the Royalty Free Trailer Music catalog, track preview is available here

Bashaw adds: “We are proud to have been part of the production library community for 25 years and are excited to bring to the marketplace a unique new library that will greatly enhance the soundtracks of film and video producers. For example, traditionally, most production library tracks were composed of basically one dynamic or volume level. Sonic Imagery Royalty Free Trailer Music tracks offer multiple dynamic levels and arc development schemes that give the soundtrack much more impact. In addition, the cinematic treatments we utilize, such as those found in high budget film scores and advertising spots, greatly increase the production values of any film or video.”

Examples of this approach can be found here

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