Producing Your Own Food’ Launches New Website Dedicated To Homegrown Food

Both Novice and Experienced Gardeners Will Discover Expert Content On Growing Their Own Fruits And Vegetables At Home

July 2, 2020 (Worthington, Ohio) — Producing Your Own Food, a new informative website dedicated to vegetable gardening and fruit growing, announces its official launch to the public. Featuring educational content to help individuals learn how to produce freshly grown food at home, the exciting new blog is the creation of Edward Norris, an experienced and passionate horticulturist. Producing Your Own Food is bound to become a must-trusted resource for those across the United States who are interested in getting started for the first time with gardening or even for those who are life-long gardening enthusiasts and are interested in reading new tips and techniques to get the best out of their homegrown goods.

“I am very excited to be launching my new website, Producing Your Own Food,” said Edward Norris, Creator and Author of “I have enjoyed gardening since a very young age and I now have the satisfaction of providing my family with plenty of organically grown fruit and vegetables on a regular basis. With my new website, I hope to share my passion for gardening with others by sharing the best information and tips for producing your own fresh and nutritious food that is easier on both your wallet and on the environment.”

Producing Your Own Food will provide readers with regular articles and content containing detailed guidance on growing the finest fruit and vegetables. Current articles available now at launch include, “7 Techniques for Growing Your Own Food,” “10 Great Reasons to Opt for Homegrown Food,” “8 Of The Best Indoor Garden Kits,” “12 Essential Tools for Every Gardener,” “Simple Tips for Starting Vertical Gardening,” and more than a dozen others.

“Along with sharing my passion for gardening, it is an opportune time to launch Producing Your Own Food as our country is currently suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic,” continued Norris. “Anytime there is a threat or shortage in food supply numbers, such as when the pandemic first hit and disrupted national supply chains, many people realize that growing their own food is a great way to offset any national or local crisis. Gardening is the ideal solution to ensure that you and your loved ones have ample access to fresh vegetables and fruits at all times.”

In addition to informative and timely articles about gardening, Producing Your Own Food features recommended home garden products and high-quality equipment. Recommended products include garden tools, indoor garden kits, home aquaponics kits, organic gardening soil, and cold frame greenhouses.

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