Process Parameters unveils an array of industrial-grade infrared pyrometers

Process Parameters touch base on the unveiling of an array of industrial-grade infrared pyrometers that they now have to offer on their website

Earlier today pressure & industrial temperature measurement specialists Process Parameters released more information regarding their range of high-temperature industrial pyrometers. Process Parameters are based in Maidenhead, UK and are one of the few suppliers of Optris products in the UK.

The pyrometer, also known as the infrared thermometer or non-contact temperature sensor, measures the surface temperature of objects by detecting infrared radiation. Pyrometers act as photodetectors because of the property of absorbing energy and measuring EM wave intensity at any wavelength.

A pyrometer is an excellent way to measure surface temperature through touch samples, such as thin films, paper, high-temperature glass, and metals that can be difficult to measure in other ways.

Optis are ideal for calculating surface temperatures for touch samples, such as thin film plastics, paper, or high-temperature glass or metals, when it is almost impossible to measure them with standard techniques. Optris offers low cost, highly efficient optical pyrometers to OEMs for a wide range of applications.

Optris pyrometers can calculate product temperature in applications where only air temperature is usually measured, thereby reducing resource consumption by deterring temperature spikes and ensuring quality control.

Touch approaches, such as thin surfaces or moving objects like spinning drums, do not affect the calculation as much because the sensor is digitally measured. Industrial pyrometers operate on a wide temperature range between -50°C and more than 2,200°C, and remote calculation allows readings to be taken from a distance, which means they have a long sensor life.

Industrial pyrometers feature a dual laser aiming system that ensures perfect aim every time, and shows the user both the location and the size of the measurement spot on the object. Also available with a wide range of accessories to make integration with industrial processes as simple as possible.

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