Process Parameters Talks about Its Range of PRTDs Compared to Thermocouples

Process Parameters Talks about Its Range of PRTDs Compared to Thermocouples and how they can be beneficial to industrial applications

Process Parameters has come forward today to discuss platinum resistance thermometers, as well as their benefits and whether they are better than thermocouples.

The company pointed out that platinum resistance temperature detectors (PRTDs) are now slowly becoming the typical replacement for thermocouples, especially within industrial applications that require lower-temperature measurements.

Platinum RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) have a zero resistance of 100 ohms that changes with temperature. These types of temperature sensors are best suited for applications with a temperature range of -200°C to 600°C. Platinum RTDs are dependable and precise.

Most RTDs do not require special extension cables or even cold junctions, which are necessary when using a conventional thermocouple. Platinum is utilised because of its stability while operating within these temperatures. One of the primary disadvantages is that the sensing wire must be kept totally clean in order to be steady.

Resistance thermometers require only a tiny current to properly detect resistance. This function has the potential to induce self-heating, thus the manufacturer’s guidelines should be examined and obeyed. Users should also take care not to put any strain on the RTD throughout the course of their application.

Is it better to use an RTD or a thermocouple? Thermocouples are constructed of two different metals, or conductors, and the temperature difference between the thermocouple’s hot and cold junctions (join) creates a tiny voltage signal that varies with temperature. They are best suited for high temperatures (up to 1700° C) or extremely cold temperatures (down to -200° C).They are also suitable in environments with vibration. The usage of thermocouples is recommended if you want a rapid response temperature sensor.

Process Parameters Ltd. is a firm headquartered in the United Kingdom that specialises in industrial temperature sensors, such as thermocouples, platinum RTDs, and thermistor sensors. The team leverages its knowledge and experience to manufacture its products to their clients’ exact specifications.

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