Process Parameters Ltd Launches New Range of Infrared Temperature Sensors

Process Parameters Ltd set to change the industrial temperature sensors market with their new available range of Infrared Temperature Sensors. More info:

Process Parameters UK have started the weekend off to a good-one with the release of their new range of IR Temperature Sensors. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be no stranger to Infrared technology and its advancements over the years. One of these advancements is using Infrared as a temperature sensor. IR Temperature sensors emit a focused infrared energy beam onto a surface, the reflected beam is then received back into the sensor, which converts the energy to an electrical signal that can be displayed in temperature units.

What these new products set to bring is a German-made optical pyrometers at a lower-than-normal cost, they are suitable for most processes and OEM applications. Different models are designed for specific applications, such as plastic films, glass and metals. No more compromising with “general purpose” infrared temperature sensors.

The CSmicro series of the infrared thermal sensor is an evolution of the CS, with a miniature sensing head which is one of the smallest in the world measuring just 14mm OD x 28mm long. The electronics are housed securely in a housing mounted onto the extension cable measuring just 35mm x 12mm which also has an LED useful for giving information about the sensor during use.

With the CSmicro IR sensor, Process Parameters can offer a wider measuring range of up to 1600°C and also a higher ambient operating temperature for the sensing head of up to 180°C without additional cooling. Combined with high-quality optics giving small spot sizes, the CSmicro IR temperature sensor is an extremely versatile group of sensors, and are easily configurable using the optional USB interface and Compact Connect software.

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Process Parameters Ltd are a UK based manufacturer of Industrial Temperature sensors, this includes thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers (also commonly known as RTDs and PT100) and thermistor sensors. They have a wealth of experience and they manufactur all of their products to suit the needs of their customers and their designs.

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