Process Parameters Launches New Range of Infrared Temperature Sensors to the UK

Process Parameters today released more information about their range of infrared temperature sensors now available to UK residents online.

Method Parameters Ltd has just published more detail on its new IR Temperature Sensors series today. If you live under a rock, Infrared science and its developments over the years will not be new to you. Infrared as a temperature sensor is one of these advances. The sensors emit a directed infrarot power beam to a surface, and the reflected beam is returned to the sensor, which translates the energy into a signal which is displayed in temperature units.

What these new products set to bring is a German-made optical pyrometers at a lower-than-normal cost, they are suitable for most processes and OEM applications. Different models are designed for specific applications, such as plastic films, glass and metals. No more compromising with “general purpose” infrared temperature sensors.

The infrarot thermal sensor series CSmicro is an evolution of the CS, with a thin, just 14 mm ODx28 mm long, sensor head, which is one of the smallest in the world. The electronics are tightly installed in a housing mounted on the 35 mm x 12 mm extension cable that also has an LED that provides information about the sensor during operation.

Method Parameters can have a broader measurement range of up to 1600 ° C and even a highe atmospheric operating temperature of up to 180 ° C for sensing heads without further cooling with the CSmicro IR sensor. The CSmicro IR temp sensor is a very flexible series of sensors, combined with high quality optics to provide small spot sizes, that can be set easily using the optional usb interface and Portable Connect software.

System Process Parameters Ltd, a UK based sensor maker, comprises thermocouples, thermometers (including RTD’s and PT100’s) and thermistor sensors. They have a wealth of experience and all their goods are produced in conjunction with their clients and designs.

Release ID: 88984306