Process Parameters Discusses High-Temperature Pyrometers

Industrial temperature measurement specialists Process Parameters talk about Process Parameters discusses the purpose of high-temperature pyrometers

Industrial temperature measurement specialists Process Parameters discusses high-temperature pyrometers and how they are effective for challenging application settings.

The reason for these challenges is that demands placed on pyrometers used for temperature monitoring in high-speed operations are particularly severe. Plastics manufacturing machinery, such as that used for blow-moulding PET bottles, is a good example because it has relatively short cycle periods. Another use is rail vehicle monitoring, in which the temperature of the wheelset bearings is detected as the train wheels pass the pyrometer, allowing for early identification of components that are becoming hot.

Process Parameters now has a range of high-temperature pyrometers available for multiple uses. Not only that, its available pyrometers are all highly reliable, German-made optical pyrometers that are suitable for most processes and OEM applications, with a much lower cost than traditional pyrometers. They come with a high ambient sensing head temperature and require no additional cooling and allow up to 250°C.

Process’s devices cover a wide range of industry-standard temperature measurement applications—from frozen food to molten metals—with outputs in mA, voltage, and thermocouple.

One of the more well-known pyrometers available at Process Parameters is the CSmicro series. This range of infrared pyrometers is an evolution of the CS, with a miniature sensing head, which is one of the smallest in the world, measuring just 14mm OD x 28mm long. The electronics are stored securely in a housing mounted onto the extension cable measuring just 35mm x 12mm, which also has an LED useful for giving information about the sensor during use.

With the CSmicro, Process Parameters can offer a wider measuring range of up to 1600°C and also a higher ambient operating temperature for the sensing head of up to 180°C without additional cooling. Combined with high-quality optics, the CSmicro is an extremely versatile group of sensors, and is easily configurable using the optional USB interface and Compact Connect software.

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