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Manalapan Township, NJ businesses can now waive 3%-4% credit card processing fees by using this innovative payment terminal system from Royal Business Advisors.

Manalapan Township, NJ-based Royal Business Advisors announces the launch of its new credit card payment system. This new offering aims to help companies grow their bottom lines by getting rid of the hefty processing fees associated with card transactions.

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The service is being offered so that businesses can take advantage of new laws that now allow merchants to waive credit card processing fees. The system is applicable to businesses of all sizes and accepts payments from all major credit cards, as well as mobile wallets like Android and Apple Pay.

Royal Business Advisors says that credit card payments have grown markedly during the current pandemic. It adds that this is driven by both increased online shopping, as well as consumers’ growing preference for cashless payments which pose fewer health risks.

Royal Business Advisors’ system takes advantage of what is called the cash discount program, which essentially passes the cost of acceptance to customers who use credit or debit cards. As a result, businesses can earn an extra 3%-4% more with every transaction as they no longer have to pay a processing fee.

This process is legal in all 50 states, giving more companies the opportunity to maximize profit with credit card transactions. Subscribing to Royal Business Advisors is streamlined, and the company will also provide a point-of-sale terminal to all participating companies.

High-tech features such as a cloud-based receipt system and an EMV chip reader also make processing payments quicker and more intuitive. The firm assures interested parties that there are no hidden fees, and that they will get to keep 100% of the sales they make.

Royal Business Advisors is a pioneering company in the cash discount program sector. Since launching its payment system, it has signed up thousands of participating businesses.

A spokesperson says: “The future of payments is cashless and our new system enables businesses to finally say goodbye to the steep credit card processing fees they traditionally shouldered. Even better, our system is simple to install and has no strings attached.”

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