PRO Online CBD Cannabis Coach Certification Course Report Launched

Holistic Health Talks, a health and wellness website, has launched a report demonstrating the many advantages and benefits of becoming a certified cannabis coach.

Holistic Health Talks, a website centered on holistic health and natural remedies that connects its readers to online health events on a variety of health and wellness topics, has launched a program detailing the benefits of becoming a cannabis coach.

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The new report details the benefits of CBD, the responsibilities and benefits of being a cannabis coach, and the resources available for obtaining medical marijuana coaching certification.

Recent studies have shown that using CBD as an alternative treatment to medication may lead to more effective results than traditional pharmaceuticals can produce, without the negative side effects that often accompany those medicines. CBD can treat a wide range of ailments, from aches and pains to insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, and diabetes. The coaching certification trains individuals to understand the costs and benefits of using CBD to treat certain conditions, thus giving them the necessary information to instruct and inform others.

Cannabis coaching is in its infancy, and joining the field now will provide a valuable head start to a popular health and wellness treatment that is increasingly gaining in popularity now that CBD is legal in all 50 states.

Holistic Health Talks details the many ways that being a cannabis coach is both a privilege and a responsibility. A coach prepares individualized treatment plans for each client depending on their condition, informs patients about the various choices for dosage and delivery (edibles, infusions, oils, etc.), educates clients about CBD benefits, stays current in CBD research, and uses a holistic treatment approach for the best possible results.

Holistic Health Talks recommends that interested parties use the online course at the Natural Wellness Academy to obtain cannabis coach certification. The course is divided into two sections, the first focusing on cannabis and its effects on the body, and the second on the practical aspects of becoming a cannabis coach, giving actionable steps to beginning a career in this emerging field.

Holistic Health Talks also maintains a health and wellness blog and links to various upcoming health talks. It is maintained by Jenna Lee, who educates the online community about natural skincare, holistic health, essential oils, and DIY recipes for health and wellness.

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