PRO Digital Education Recession Proof Career Choice Home Biz Training Course

Chuck Nguyen has launched a new program that provides training and support for those interested in digital marketing. He has provided a course that takes beginners to their first online dollar.

PRO Digital Education Recession Proof Career Choice Home Biz Training Course Launch

Chuck Nguyen, the creator of MyOnlineStartup, has launched a membership designed to train and support people looking to transition to a home-based career. MyOnlineStartup is designed to help build a recession-proof business from the safety and security of their homes.

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During the launch, members can begin training with a complimentary course. This home-based course gives members the basics of a marketing technique that has been in place for decades.

It involves finding companies and then selling their goods and services digitally. Each time a sale is made, the online marketing expert earns a commission. Over time the digital expert can develop a sustainable, growing revenue base and eventually assets that can be sold on the open market.

This creation of this membership was prompted after Chuck Nguyen saw what was happening to many professionals as the pandemic continued beyond its expected life. He decided to develop this membership to help individuals transition into safe and low-stress online careers. Factors such as steady revenue, geographical freedom, and the ability to dictate one’s work schedule lend themselves to making online work profitable, safe and enjoyable. gives members a step by step path to follow. The first step is to begin the course that is provided at no cost. Chuck states that if one follows the step by step training and follow the daily action plan, they will see success online.

The course is engineered so users can see tangible results each day. The lessons build on each other, and members are instructed to take each class in order. The first set of lessons includes Getting Started, The Gameplan, Success Mindset, Affiliate Marketing, and Lead Generation. After mastering these basics, members may proceed to Authority Platforms, YouTube Marketing, Forum Marketing, and Targeted Solo Ads.

A company spokesman said, “This course is designed to help the beginner to the world of internet marketing go from zero to hero. Our goal is that each participant develops a growing online business that produces consistent revenue over the long haul.”

Chuck has assembled a robust customer service department to assist members with any concerns or questions. He encourages members to fully engage through the private Facebook group he has provided, where participants interact with each other 24/7.

The launch of this membership and the free course can help anyone willing to take the time to follow each step.

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