Pro-Care’s Area Rug Cleaning Sets Market Standard

Pro-Care sets new standards of excellence in the carpet cleaning market with an in-house program for Area Rug Cleaning. Learn more at and

Pro-Care is celebrating a decade of providing luxury Area Rug Cleaning. Pro-Care opened its rug plant in 2008 after a year of thorough preparation. During that time, the company invested in the research, training, equipment, and space necessary to offer the best possible service.

John R Browning III, President at Pro-Care, says: “Area rugs are a particular challenge. They come from all around the world and every rug is unique, from the way it is made to the types of fibers and dyes used to make it. Rugs are damaged by everyday life – spots, spills, food and pet stains and regular wear and tear. Our rug team has the education and experience to identify each rug and diagnose its problems. Pro-Care’s lead technician has been caring for high-end textiles for fifteen years. The team takes the time to hand wash every rug. The facility is state of the art.”

Rug experts agree that proper cleaning and protection can help an area rug last longer. With excellent care, these household treasures can stand up to the stress of foot traffic, dirt, and grime without loosing their beautiful charm. Rug dealers, designers, and residential clients have come to trust Pro-Care for their gentle and thorough cleaning practices . Pro-Care’s rug plant and rug education programs continue to set the standard for area rug care throughout the U.S. In February, professional cleaners will travel from across the country to train and learn in the Pro-Care facility.

Pro-Care has been in business for 25 years. Since Day 1 the company has been driven by the mission to provide the most outstanding service experience to every client.

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