Private Leeds Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal Clinic Reviews By 2020 Hearing Ltd

2020 Hearing Ltd releases its complete and unbiased write up and review of the micro suction ear wax removal service in Leeds and reaffirms its commitment to the truthful, honest reviews. More information can be found at

Earlier today, hearing healthcare website published a thorough and unbiased consumer review of Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal Service in Leeds. The conclusion being that it excels at offering affordable same day appointments without sacrificing the quality of their micro suction ear wax removal service. The service provides a safe, quick and painless solution to an excessive ear wax problem. This service is better than ear syringing as ear syringing is an out dated method and if not carried out correctly can be harmful.

While some other companies can be expensive, 2020 Hearing Ltd strives to tell the complete story.

Rev. Chris Scire, Owner and Professional Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist at 2020 Hearing Ltd said “Our reputation is extremely important to us. If we don’t tell the truth, we serve no purpose. If people can’t trust us, then we would fail in our mission to provide the best ear wax removal experience in Yorkshire. That’s why we believe in being genuine and thank our clients for their genuine 5* reviews.”

The following extract makes a good summary of one such review:

Absolutely fantastic service. As Alec wrote “I can’t praise this man enough! He helped me in such a professional and personable manner today. A gentleman who knows his business completely. Chris explains what he is going to do to help you in an eloquent and completely reassuring way. I was deaf in my right ear due to impacted wax and I was worried. He put my mind at ease and remedied the situation within 5 minutes. I have been to ENT departments who simply lack the passion and duty of care that Chris clearly has. Thank you Chris”

2020 Hearing Ltd was founded by Rev.Chris Scire. The clinic was created in 2014. Chris Scire got the idea for the website when he saw the need for honest reviews within the hearing health niche.

Since it first went online, 2020 Hearing Ltd has received over 100+ reviews about their services in the hearing healthcare market and seeks to use the reviews to provide an aura of legitimacy and trust, informing clients when choosing the right service provider for hearing aids as well as ear wax removal.

Rev. Chris Scire also adds “For any consumer wanting to check the legitimacy of our reviews or want to know if they can trust the source, I advise readers to read our reviews and try the ear wax removal service for themselves.”

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