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Show Me Melbourne has been at the forefront of taking their guests down the unexplored alleys of the city and into the places that sometimes, even locals are unaware of.

Relish the rest of summer in Victoria with Show Me Melbourne.

Victoria is known for its sporting culture, rich history, diverse cuisine options, fine wines, and for being nominated as the most liveable city in the world since 2011. Its capital city is a spectacular destination that attracted 32.1 million tourists between July 2018 and June 2019, but long before Melbourne became a thriving metropolis, it was known as Batmania.

The origins of this peculiar name have nothing to do with Bruce Wayne. Batmania’s origins have more to do with one of the founding fathers, John Batman, who stumbled across this gem situated on the southeastern fringe of the country and saw the potential it had.

Fast-forward 185 years and modern-day Melbourne now beams as a fetching, multi-cultural urban haven infused with opportunity and diversity.

There really isn’t more convincing that needs to be done, but from a wayfaring perspective, it may be best to delve deep into what Victoria’s Capital has to offer with the help of Show Me Melbourne.

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Show Me Melbourne has been at the forefront of taking their guests down the unexplored alleys of the city and into the places that sometimes, even locals are unaware of.

Based on their specialised itineraries that focus on sporting culture, shopping excursions, history, and culture, wanderlust warriors may find themselves immersed in a uniquely crafted experience.

Jess Lothian, Show Me Melbourne’s proprietor, and her team of expert guides takes requests to heart and as they expand, their excursions have grown with the needs of their guests. They believe that technology has empowered travellers to make buying decisions on the move.

All they need to do is open up Google Maps to find the best local restaurants, attractions, and photo spots, but beyond that, it remains vital to share tips on how to make the most of their visit to Melbourne.

“We want to show them it is better to have a guide to experience the city and that we can give them a unique experience,” says Jess.

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Show Me Melbourne’s aim is to show the human face of the city. The love for shared experiences is narrated across a broad backdrop of all the things that serves as a platform to produce a multitude of excursions that are both memorable and immersive.

“We make a point of it to show as much as we can in our tours, but it’s virtually impossible to visit every single place of interest in Melbourne, so we tend to pass on tailored city guides that help our guests experience the city on their own,” observes Jess. “Sometimes these guides inspire a guest to ask for a private tour which is a brilliant opportunity to venture even further off the beaten track.”

Apart from Show Me Melbourne’s curated experiences, Jess suggests a few of her favourite must-visit attractions for those who wish to explore the city’s hidden treasures.

Great Ocean Road: Hit the open road on one of the most scenic drives in Australia (and probably in the world) across 243 kilometres. This iconic stretch starts in Torquay – the surfing capital of the world – and ends in the quaint fishing village knows as Port Fairy.

Yarra Valley: “Yarra Valley is a region some 30 kilometres east of Melbourne’s central business district through which the famous Yarra River flows. It is also Victoria’s oldest wine region, dating back to 1838 and produces world-class chardonnay and pinot noir” says Jess. She also notes that this area is enriched with a plenty of scenic beauty and sprawling acres of stunning vineyards.

Eau De Vie: This is a bar straight out of 1920’s prohibition in America where you are taken back to a much-forgotten era. This is the place to enjoy rare and exclusive whiskies from a large collection displayed in a cozy bar hidden behind a bookshelf. “Eau De Vie also offers an amazing mixology masterclass – which is a perfect group excursion,” says Jess.

Brunswick Street, Fitzroy: “Brunswick Street is the epitome of diversity,” says Jess. “This is the heart and soul of bohemian culture – a place for live music shows, tarot readings, food trucks, art & music studios and of course, a few speakeasy’s that eventually spill out into the streets late at night.”

Old Melbourne Gaol: As a recognised landmark, this place doesn’t nearly enjoy the popularity it deserves. The Old Melbourne Gaol is where Victoria’s most notorious criminal, bush-ranger Ned Kelly (among others) was incarcerated and eventually hanged. For Jess, this is a really interesting way to look into a different side of Melbourne’s history in a complex field with memorabilia. She also adds that “visitors can embark on ghostly night tours through the haunted building, which is thrilling to say the least.”

Comedy @ Spleen: This may be one of Melbourne’s hippest places to hang out, but it’s also the place where one can enjoy free comedy shows on a Monday night. “Sometimes, Spleen draws some big names, and they don’t usually advertise it until a few days beforehand, “ says Jess who also adds that “even if the show is free, a tip goes a long way.”

Pink Lake: This truly bizarre sight is not what anyone would describe as a celebrated tourist spot. It’s located in a park right next to a freeway, but Jess reckons this odd-ball feature really does charm those who appreciate the weird and the wonderful. “Plus…a hot pink lake makes for a really cool Instagram post,” says Jess.

Read more in detail about what Show Me Melbourne does to deliver exceptional experiences in Melbourne or to book a place on one of their bus and walking tours visit the Show Me Melbourne website or call their team of experts on +61 3 8822 4568.

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