Prism Insurance Agency Helps Businesses Get PPP and CARES Act Assistance

Moreno Valley, CA based Prism Insurance Agency has updated its Employer Tax Credit Service. It now includes CARES Act incentives on top of the WOTC etc. Tax Credits. Helping Employers from Small to Medium Sized Businesses. More information at

Prism Insurance Agency, Inc. has implemented a new element to its Employer Tax Credit Service. Helping Small to Mid-Size Employers take advantage of Tax Credits, to benefit both new and existing customers. Prism Insurance Agency is located in Moreno Valley, California but is helping businesses throughout the United States. Employers are being helped to take their fair share of the largest fiscal response to a pandemic in world history, namely the Paycheck Protection Program and the CARES Act.

To the delight of many, Small to Medium Business Owners looking for Huge Tax Benefits can now take advantage of the new offering from Prism Insurance Agency, Inc. as the release is now officially announced. Clients do not need to come into the Moreno Valley office nor do they need to call the agency located in the Inland Empire.

This update delivers an opportunity to take advantage of the financial incentives being offered to Employers and small to medium sized businesses. Customers, interested parties and those active within the helping of small to medium sized businesses arena can avail themselves to the benefits through the site. California based Prism Insurance Agency, Inc. has been able to do this by utilizing cutting edge technology that scans through the United States of America’s fiscal stimulus bills and measures including the CARE Act to help support businesses.

Prism Insurance Agency, Inc. is excited to unveil the latest benefit for current and new Employer Tax Credit Service customers as it’s specifically designed to improve the experience and better fulfill the needs of Employers.

When asked to provide greater insight on the subject, Prab Randhawa, Broker at Prism Insurance Agency, Inc. said: “The goal is leveling the playing field between small/medium companies and the large corporations taking advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program – PPP and the CARES Act. This is done by using technology designed to maximize the benefits received by clients quickly and efficiently.”

Prism Insurance Agency, Inc. has made a point of listening to its customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They reportedly do this because serving their clients from Moreno Valley, Riverside, the Inland Empire and around the country is in their blood. And to help improve the lives and livelihoods of their clients.

Prism Insurance Agency, Inc. has made it part of its mission to help as many businesses and Employers as possible. They do everything imaginable in the helping of small to medium sized businesses market and bring this service add-on as a testament to their dedication. The business is known as a constantly improving business that goes above and beyond for it’s clients amongst fans and customers, which Prab Randhawa is immensely proud of, with the business being operational now for Over 7 years.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the Huge Tax Benefits with Prism Insurance Agency, Inc. are encouraged to visit the website at for full details and to get started.

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