Printable Journal Sheets Planning & Organizing Tables Collection Launched

Janice Designs launched The Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection, a set of artist-designed printable sheets including monthly and weekly planners, note pages and motivational quotes.

Janice Banks, a graphic designers and entrepreneur based in Auckland, New Zealand, launched a collection of printable journal sheets for those interested in a practical and stylish way to keep track of their goals for 2019. Featuring more than 176 artist designed pages, The Enchanted Woods Journal includes monthly and weekly planners, note pages, motivational quotes and other materials, all of which can be decorated to reflect each individual’s personal style.

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According to the official Janice Design page, the idea behind the new collection of printables is to offer a more practical alternative to traditional bullet journals. While they can be very fun to use, they typically require users to draw lines and tables to keep better track of their goals and to-do’s – a task which can be both tedious and time consuming.

“As a busy mom of four, I often do not have the luxury to sit down and draw lines and tables for my journal”, said Janice. “I just want to get on with it and start planning. Every minute is precious to me.”

The Enchanted Woods Journal features more than 176 stylish sheets personally designed by Janice to provide users with accessible, ready-to-use planners.

Customers will find monthly planners featuring unique color patterns, making the journal one of the most inspiring and attractive Janice Designs models currently available. Weekly planners are also provided for more efficient task planning, as well as printable note pages for daily writing.

Each page offers plenty of additional space for each user to write, sketch, doodle or paste their favorite stickers, the journal thus being versatile and easy to personalize. For further customization, the journal can be printed on any type of paper and the sheets bound in any combination. Janice offers practical suggestions on printing, binding or stitching a custom journal using The Enchanted Woods sheets.

According to Janice, by using the new journal customers will be able to organize their time better, keep easier track of their goals, stay motivated in reaching their personal and professional objectives, and develop mindfulness – the ability to stop their mind from wandering and become actively engaged with their thoughts.

Additional benefits include improvements in memory and understanding, emotional and psychological healing through expressive writing, and an increase in self-confidence when writing about positive experiences.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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