Primary Doctors Switch to Concierge Medicine to Provide Personalized Healthcare

You can avoid packed waiting rooms and come in for same-day visits with a concierge medicine doctor. This alternative healthcare model puts the patient back in control rather than their insurance.

Patients in a concierge medicine practice appreciate the immediate access to their concierge physician by cell phone, e-mail, and same-day appointments, and minimal waiting time in private, pleasant waiting rooms. Concierge medicine doctors limit the number of patients they see. As a result, they can provide enhanced access, longer appointments, and highly customized patient care. Here are three things families need to know about concierge medicine, and what makes concierge medicine doctors different:

1. The doctor will see their patients ASAP. A small but growing number of doctors are the concierge model to offer more-personalized care. Among the perks are the ability to contact your physician at any time and to schedule same-day appointments. In return for this enhanced service and on-demand care, patients pay an annual or monthly fee allowing them to limit their practice to fewer patients.

2. And get to know all about them. The opportunity to build a relationship with a doctor is a top selling point. Plus, annual physicals may include preventive procedures that insurance plans are not required to cover, such as an expanded blood panel and screening for Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Embracing patient-centered care is an essential ingredient for success at concierge medicine practices.”I started Dedication Health to offer innovative, personalized primary care medical service and convenience to my patients. The high-volume and impersonal nature of today’s medical system simply does not offer what each patient fully deserves,” says John E. Croghan, MD, a concierge medicine physician in Chicago’s North Shore.

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Anyone exasperated with long waits or that see the value preventive and personalized health care, concierge medicine may be right for them. When it comes to health, there is no better investment that a person can make. Meet with the top Chicago physicians in Chicago and become a member at Dedication Health today. To learn more about concierge medicine services or to find a primary care physician in Cook County, reach out to Dedication Health for more information. Call Dedication Health at 847-986-6770 or send a message online. Dedication Health is conveniently located at 710 Oak St, Winnetka, IL 60093 in Chicago’s North Shore.

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