Prevention of cybersecurity breaches in healthcare,staying HIPAA compliant in MD

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Baltimore, MD-based Klik Solutions (+1-833-394-4900) have announced a partnership with Medical Business Partners, offering security services to healthcare providers in Maryland

Klik Solutions, Managed Service Provider based in Baltimore, MD, have announced the launch of a new partnership with Medical Business Partners. The launch extends Klik Solution’s expertise and the surrounding areas to ensure optimal efficiency of IT systems and compliance with data protection regulations.

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The partnership aims to give medical practices comprehensive IT assessment, to identify areas of vulnerability within firewalls and application coding, as well as operational consultancy to improve data compliance protocols and protect against network breaches.

Technology in the digital area affords healthcare providers vital tools to maintain efficient practice and communication. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 aimed to improve efficiency across the sector and the digitization of both medical administration and treatment remains central to cost-efficiency and quality of services.

Klik Solutions offer a detailed risk assessment of medical technology, including EMR, telehealth systems, and mobile services. Through their partnership with Medical Business Partners, the specialist team brings an understanding of the demands of modern healthcare. The company ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations and provides regular re-assessment to keep systems up to date.

The company assigns a dedicated compliance officer to each practice under their remit. In addition, they provide training for employees on all protocols and processes.

Klik solutions bring expertise in cybersecurity, offering high-end surveillance and monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures healthcare providers are meeting all their obligations relating to sensitive patient information and payment details.

Founded in 2012 by Arthur Olshansky and Neil Konstantoulas, Klik Solutions began as a data backup and protection service. The company are now a 60-strong team of IT management experts serving the needs of hundreds of businesses nationwide. Medical Business Partners was also started in 2012, by Julia Konovalov and Kate Gilman, and has worked with hundreds of healthcare practices nationwide, to ensure they are following all payer and government regulations and are optimizing their cash flow. They are experts in coding audits and education, compliance protocols, and figuring out ways to increase revenues for healthcare providers- through assessments, staff training, and improving workflow.

A Klik spokesperson says, “We take inefficiencies out of your IT system, allowing you to fully focus on patient care.”

With the launch of their partnership with Medical Business Partners, Klik Solutions affirm their commitment to bringing up-to-the-minute technology and safe practice to healthcare providers in the Baltimore, MD region.

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