Preventing Stretch Marks & Treat After Pregnancy Podcast & Report Launched

New Mommy Media, the San Diego based parenting education company, has launched a new report coinciding with its Preggie Pals podcast on stretch marks. It elaborates on what they are and educates on how to treat them.

A new stretch marks report has been launched by New Mommy Media, the company behind a series of successful and popular podcasts on parenting issues. It coincides with a new podcast released by Preggie Pals focusing on the issues surrounding stretch marks after giving birth. It covers what stretch marks are, what causes them, and how they can be prevented.

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New Mommy Media creates a suite of dynamic audio podcasts on a range of issues facing new and expecting parents, giving them high quality audio material addressing common concerns, problems and needs.

The shows are based in San Diego, and give advice, education and entertainment on the issues surrounding giving birth and raising children in today’s modern age. It is run by Sunny Gault, who prides herself on offering high quality material for new and expecting parents,

The latest podcast, entitled Stretch Marks 411, highlights what stretch marks are and how people can set about combating them so that they don’t have to be concerned with their appearance after giving birth.

This is also the focus of the new report, which emphasizes what to look out form, what stretch marks look like and where they generally appear. It goes into how they are caused so that people can prevent them, and moves onto how to get rid of them or reduce their appearance.

It explains that leading research shows that 90 of women will get stretch marks during or after their pregnancy. However, there are things they can do to reduce their appearance or get rid of stretch marks completely.

Stretch marks can present themselves in a wide variety of ways. When they appear, they can range from deep purple in color to white.

Ways that people can prevent stretch marks are to ensure that they stay hydrated, to keep their skin moisturized, and to consume probiotics.

Following pregnancy, the majority of stretch marks will disappear within the year. Full information on how to prevent them and treat them can be found on the URL above.

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