Preventing Container Baby Syndrome Infant Restraint Safety Report & Podcast

New Mommy Media, a company providing a variety of podcasts on parenting, launched a brief report and a podcast on the so-called “container baby syndrome”, providing expert information on the dangers associated with excessive container time, and suggesting various healthier alternatives.

New Mommy Media, a media company producing a variety of podcasts on parenting and child education, announced two new releases on the “container baby syndrome”. The report and the podcast aim to help parents understand the importance of not over-relying on baby seats, swings, jumpers, walkers and similar products.

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Baby restraint devices have grown in popularity, as they offer a convenient and safe alternative to floor time or babywearing. They are especially popular with parents who have busy schedules.

However, this type of devices is not entirely problem-free, as extended periods of sitting or standing in a container can have negative consequences. New Mommy Media strives to offer a brief overview of the so-called “container baby syndrome”, helping parents understand the potential issues stemming from extensive use of baby containers, and encouraging them to spend quality time with their babies.

The report offers useful information on the definition of a container baby, and why containers are so popular. It also presents three alternatives to baby seats, jumpers, walkers and other similar devices: babywearing, tummy time and play yard. They are important in that they allow the baby to develop all muscle groups and avoid flat spots on the back and sides of the head, which are a frequent consequence of not spending enough time on the tummy and sides.

New Mommy Media also launched a podcast episode on the issue of baby restraint and some of its alternatives. Part of the Newbies series of podcasts, the episode features Wendi McKenna, a pediatric physical therapist, providing useful expert information on the dangers associated with excessive container time, and why it is important for parents to engage their babies in various types of activities.

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