Prevedere launches Scenario Forecasting and Planning for Enterprise Companies

Prevedere, the predictive analytics software company, has launched a new financial scenario planning service. They work with clients to see what lies ahead for their business and avoid risks while maximizing opportunities.

Prevedere, the Santa Clara based forecasting and analysis company has launched a new financial scenario planning solution for enterprise companies. They offer a best in class solution to help clients more accurately forecast their future results and maximize business performance.

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The team explains that they have expertise in financial scenario planning across industries and aim to help clients and their leadership teams to create forecasts even in a volatile economy.

Clients benefit from our economic outlook weekly dashboard and complimentary access to the latest in-depth external indicators on how the pandemic shapes the global economy. Businesses gain more data-driven forecasts for finance, strategy, investor relations, sales, and operational planning.

Prevedere provides an end-to-end solution for scenario planning and forecasting and connecting clients with continuously updated global data. Their solution collects and analyses millions of indicators covering economic and consumer activity then leverages advanced machine learning and predictive analysis to model future outcomes. Also, and even more importantly, business leaders gain access to deeper insights thru the expertise of Prevedere’s team of data scientists and highly experienced economists dedicated to their account.

Rich Wagner, the company’s CEO, states: “At the onset of this economic downturn, we quickly recognized that we are in uncharted territory and needed to throw out the traditional recession playbook.”

Prevedere’s economists and data scientists aim to seamlessly support top-level executives and work with business leaders across top global companies. They help them to more accurately understand the current conditions and the ongoing impact of the pandemic to maximize shareholder value during uncertain times.

The newly launched financial scenario planning service ultimately aims to ensure that companies can better understand the rapidly developing economic landscape and quickly and easily create multiple scenario forecasts. Clients are immediately alerted to economic inflection points and get insight into the magnitude of their impact on business plans.

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