Pretoria 24/7 Plumbing Services For Clogged Drains Burst Pipes Geysers Launched

Fix My Home SA announces the launch of their 24-hour plumbing services aimed at connecting both residential and commercial clients in Pretoria with contractors in their area.

Fix My Home SA launches their 24-hour plumbing services for both residential and commercial clients in Pretoria. The range of services includes unblocking of drains, repair of burst pipes, and installation of water meters and geysers.

More information can be accessed on the company’s website at:

The newly launched services are aimed at connecting clients with professionals who can immediately resolve issues with their plumbing. The company recognizes that faulty plumbing at home can make the place inhabitable, while the same concerns in business establishments can severely affect productivity. For this reason, Fix My Home SA makes sure to refer clients only to highly skilled and experienced plumbers who can handle the project requirements.

Residential clients may turn to Fix My Home SA for a wide variety of plumbing concerns. It doesn’t matter whether there are sinks, pipes, and other fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom that need to be repaired or installed, or if there are drains to be unclogged or leaks to be detected and patched. True to their name, the company can find and supply the professionals to fix any home.

For commercial clients, the range of concerns can be pretty much the same, but Fix My Home SA understands that these projects require a different approach, so they make sure to connect companies with contactors who are equipped to take on the job. The company serves hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, schools, grocery stores, and gas stations, among other business establishments.

Fix My Home SA has recently launched their website to assist customers in finding plumbing contractors and home improvement companies in their areas. Aside from plumbers, the company also connects clients with professionals in air conditioning, alarm systems, security fencing, roofing, painting, bathroom renovations, kitchen installations, and building renovations.

For those who require the services of plumbers and other contractors, the company allows clients to get up to three quotes from service providers near them. The free quotations usually arrive within hours upon submitting the request. Clients may access the request form at:

Release ID: 88942938