PressCable Press Releases Give Businesses Overnight Exposure Authority & Trust

PressCable announced the launch of a special offer of their press release distribution service that enables local businesses to get their news featured on more than 400 high-authority media outlets.

PressCable launches a special offer of their press release distribution service that helps local businesses and eCommerce brands boost traffic, status, and sales by featuring newsworthy announcements on more than 400 recognized media outlets.

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Savvy SEO experts use PressCable to grow their clients’ brands by featuring their stories on the most respected news sites online. Brands get media exposure on high-authority media sites like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and many more

SaaS entrepreneur, PressCable Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Munch shares, “the PressCable press releases define new rules in the PR industry by helping local businesses and eCommerce brands navigate the internet marketing space and spread their message, find greater exposure and enjoy an increase in conversions and sales.”

PressCable has an incredibly strong authority distribution network that enables users to distribute their stories and announcements online and publish them on high-authority news sites such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and affiliates and get the attention they need to achieve their marketing and business objectives.

The PressCable online marketing campaigns help businesses position themselves as real experts in their field, improve their authority and trust, get their brand name in front of potential customers even without a degree in public relations or journalism. They translate into an increase in traffic, exposure, brand awareness and sales for those brands.

According to Jay Cruiz, a partner at the company, PressCable is a very effective solution for getting front page rankings in search results. “When done repeatedly, the PressCable press release marketing campaigns drive targeted traffic to designated sites, create positive signals to Google and skyrocket search rankings of promoted brands, products, events, and causes,” says Cruiz.

The PressCable exceptional customer service team, top-notch training, and supportive Mastermind community help small and medium-sized vendors and business owners, eCommerce experts, SEO and marketing professionals reach commercial success and financial independence.

Another useful and effective feature of the service is the access to a propriety rapid Press Release content software, which helps users brainstorm powerful ideas and write a release in minutes.

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